Attuned to Equine Culture

in Service of

Human Development & Equine Wellness 


Leah Dyck has a passion for both human and equine wellness. She is co-owner of Stone Clad Farms, a Master level Reiki practitioner, a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, and Teacher of Equus Empowered and Horse Culture & Energy programs as well as associated workshop and session offerings.

A generational and lifetime horse person Leah has been educated and participated in various equine disciplines as well as having managed both an equine reproduction department at a veterinary hospital and successful breeding farms. Through her decade-long participation in her mother's holistic wellness facility she learned a variety of vibrational modalities, developing an extra interest in integrated holistic horse care and human wellness.

Leah collaborates with both humans and horses in a method of connection, understanding, and exchange. Horses have profoundly enhanced her life, ensuring they are appreciated for their innate value and the significance of their own culture, through which they offer empowering interactions to humans, is a driving force. These interactions enhance human healing, self growth, awareness, and quality of life for all involved, including happier, healthier horses.

Empowered interactions create ripple effects, flowing out to

elevate existence for all beings.



"I teach inspired equine professionals and enthusiasts around the world who are fascinated with equine communication and culture, in service of human self-development, to interpret the messages within the behaviours and interactions of their horses. This empowers them to better serve their clients/family/friends, fostering self awareness, accurate feedback, and enhanced well-being while also emerging with a happier, healthier horse.

Some of the ways this learning is supported are through science and energy based practices and tools designed to empower skills of perception and intuition along with a clear understanding of equine behaviours and society. Not only does deepening our ability to be immersed in horse culture deepen the engagement and welfare of our equine partners, it also deepens our professional skill to guide our human clients toward their own empowerment."            



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In Joy, Passion, Purpose at the Irish National Stud, Ireland

Leah Dyck

“This workshop surpassed my expectations of what I thought it was going to be beyond belief! Not in 1 million years did I think that it was even more possible to have such a higher connection to horses! This workshop proved there is! This workshop also proved research and fact which is HUGE!
I would highly recommend this course for any person who is working in the industry with horses and any other living human being if, you were looking for direction, if you were looking for answers, which is inside of you. The horse will help you to bring that out giving you that clarity and your next step in this precious life.
Often times we may understand with the horses body language what they are saying to us but are we clearly 'hearing' what the horses are actually trying to communicate with us? We need them to understand as predator that we hear them as prey.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Leah, Laura, and Jody! Especially your professionalism and the delivery of one of the most incredible workshops I've had the pleasure of being a part of in years!”

CEO, Equine Connection: Academy of Equine Assisted Learning

Leah Dyck

“Leah came highly recommended by a friend & being a healer & a horse owner, I knew she was someone I wanted to meet. Leah is quiet, gracious & knowledgeable about how & what her horses are doing while they work on you. She is also intuitive & uses her intuition to hone in on issues whether physical or emotional. I had many amazing healings & energy work while visiting with Leah & her horses. It has encouraged me to take training with healing & horses & to incorporate horses into my own healing practice. I would encourage anyone looking for alternative healing to visit Stone Clad Farms. She & her horses are a gift & a blessing.”

Heart & Hands Healing

Leah Dyck

“Although I talk regularly with animal communicators concerning my cats, I had no experience communicating with horses until my first visit to Leah’s farm. As I walked out to the pasture with Leah, she pointed out the horses who had already come to the fence to offer their help. That set the stage for the wonderful session to follow. After we had chosen one of the horses to work with me, we moved to another enclosure, where the horse began to work her magic. Sometimes the horse nuzzled and nosed my chakra areas, sometimes she pawed the ground and snorted, sometimes she stood quietly beside me. I simply stood and received. As Leah explained the meaning of each movement the horse made, I understood that every action of the horse was purposeful. I left the session feeling euphoric and very grateful to these intuitive, powerful yet gentle animals who are so gifted in helping others. And to Leah, who is in such close communion with these beings. Each time I relive this experience through my many visits with Leah and her horses, I am profoundly touched.”


Leah Dyck

“EQUUS Empowered is an amazing course, even if all you want to do is develop the relationship between you & your horse. I highly recommend it & loved taking it.☺💖
Leah’s words of wisdom & knowledge about horses and their energy is mind blowing. She’s an amazing teacher & beautiful person.”

CEO; Saddle Up Lifeskills


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