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Have you had any of the following thoughts?


I wonder why my horse often nuzzles me here?

Why does my horse nudge my client?

What is all this talk regarding energy and horses?

Is my horse a healer?

I wish my horse could just talk!

I know there is something MORE!


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These are big and important questions that can lead to issues

with both our horses and our clients. 


Do  you sometimes feel:

  • Frustrated
  • Disillusioned
  • Unsure
  • Disconnected 
  • That you are missing something important
  • A knowing there is something "more"

The Answers Lie in a Hidden Layer in

the Culture of the Horse


There is a Universal Language that horses speak within their culture, far beyond body language. You can learn this language of energetic exchange in the online course, EQUUS EMPOWERED, and accept your horse's invitation to participate in their culture in a way that deeply benefits your clients, your horses, and ultimately yourself.

These are Empowering Interactions that ripple out in positive ways, elevating your own wellbeing and that of all living beings around you.


Connect deeply with your horse in ways that enhance your emotional and spiritual growth and awareness


Gain an understanding resembling telepathy with your horse


Meld connection and understanding to reach a new level of reciprocal partnership allowing you to be of enhanced service to your horse, your friends, family, and clients 


"This workshop surpassed my expectations of what I thought it was going to be beyond belief! Not in 1 million years did I think that it was even more possible to have such a higher connection to horses! This workshop proved there is! This workshop also proved research and fact which is HUGE!
I would highly recommend this course for any person who is working in the industry with horses and any other living human being...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart...your professionalism and the delivery of one of the most incredible workshops I've had the pleasure of being a part of in years!


~Kari Fulmek

Master Instructor and CEO of Equine Connection: Academy of Equine Assisted Learning


The plan

Let's connect and determine if EQUUS EMPOWERED is a good fit for you. Once you've "joined the herd" I will personally guide you step by step. When you finish the course you will have gained deep understandings and connections that will provide you the tools, perceptions, and insights required for greater service and wellbeing. 

Step 1

Book a FREE Connection Call with me

Step 2

Allow me to be your exclusive guide throughout the journey via theory, examples, integrative work, weekly interactive zoom meetings, and direct access all the way through the 9 week, 9 module program

Step 3

Upon completion see yourself, your horse, and the world around you in a new light. Use this information and connection to better serve your clients/family/friends, your horses, and yourself!

Why is Equus Empowered different?

There are many good and beneficial programs that teach about equine communication, body language, even equine emotions. However, there are few that teach the universal language hidden within equine culture, a language that profoundly benefits both horse and human. There is a sacredness within this connection. 

Let's connect today and start the journey!

I teach inspired equine professionals and enthusiasts around the world, who are fascinated with equine communication and culture, in service of human self-development, to interpret the messages within the behaviours and interactions of their horses. This empowers us to better serve the growth of our clients and ourselves, fostering self awareness, emotional and spiritual growth, as well as enhanced well-being while also emerging with a happier, healthier horse.

Some of the ways this learning is supported are through science and energy based practices and tools designed to empower skills of perception and intuition along with a clear understanding of equine behaviours and society. Not only does deepening our ability to be immersed in horse culture deepen the engagement and welfare of our equine partners, it also deepens our professional skill to guide our human clients toward their own empowerment.


Pricing Options

Full Pay Option

$1295 CDN

One Time Payment

Savings of  $1000 (44%)

Other Options


NEW Horse Culture & Energy Students


EAL Academy Facilitators


Equine Connection Facilitators


  • Leah Dyck

    “Leah’s Equus Empowered course was nothing less than transformational in understanding myself and herd of horses. It has allowed me to better understand and appreciate the subtle moments our horses offer us and I appreciate them in a whole new light. This course has opened up a whole new view on the way I see the world and how I interact with horses as well as people. I would highly recommend Leah’s course to any horse owner or EAL facilitator!!!”

    Unbridled Equines

  • Leah Dyck

    “This week is week 9 of this program for me. The last week. I have a tear of gratitude as I look back to the beginning of the program. My whole life has changed. My own personal growth through the program has been significant. My perspective of who a horse really is and how they work with other horses and ourselves has changed. My understanding of horse welfare has deepened. Leah Dyck, thank you for taking the time to create and share this course, it truly is life changing for both horse and human.
    I love how the animals work together and now I take the time to see and feel the interactions rather than run through life not seeing the joys, just getting life done.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

  • Leah Dyck

    “Just finished the 9 weeks! I had a general sense of what to expect with Equus Empowered, to learn more about horse communication and energy. What I didn’t know was coming were the doors it opened within myself…personal challenges I had in relationship with my horses which translated into other relationships as well. The course cultivated a self awareness about the subtle things happening in communication with my those limiting beliefs or doubting thoughts did translate in my energy and the horses do pick that up quite easily. The amazing thing is they also offer to help release all of that. They move the energy of these patterns. Equus Empowered really made me aware of the energy that seems subtle to me but is the whole precept of horse communication. This course is incredible. Softening people to the language of the horse and improving the lives of both horse and person through that!”

    The Sacred Woods

  • Leah Dyck

    “When I began this program I had three specific goals in mind! One was to understand why my one horse, Mac, was always pushing me and it was frustrating me so much, two was to integrate my mini, Dusty, into the herd as I had been struggling doing so successfully, and three to understand herd language so I could create a deeper relationship with all my herd.
    By week 4 I had successfully accomplished all three and little did I know that was only the tip of the iceberg of what this program would offer me and my herd! It has completely changed the relationship within how I work with my herd in ways that I thought I could only dream of! With still so much to learn from Leah Dyck I am excited every week to learn and apply more of her teachings into my life with my herd!! I am beyond grateful for this program!”

  • Leah Dyck

    “ This course has opened my eyes to a profound understanding of what these horses can offer us. Balancing, grounding and really understanding their behaviour in a way I didn’t know previously. Leah really dives into the science portion to back up how the energy really works and it’s amazing to see how it translates within horses and their herds and also horses and humans. I have learned A LOT about myself and the horses I partner with using the chakras and energy meridians. This fascinating and engaging course is truly one for any horse person out there!”

  • Leah Dyck

    “As soon as I saw Leah’s post about looking for participants for this course I knew I had to sign up!! I took her Horse Culture and Energy Workshop this past winter and I gained so much valuable knowledge and insight into the energetic world of horses. This year not only do I have goals of improving my EAL facilitation skills in order to benefit my horses and clients but I am also on a mission this year to enhance the partnership that I have with one of the horses that I ride. During one of our Zoom meetings I came up with my mantra for the year - ‘Take Action’! I am applying it to both my personal and business growth going forward. This course has inspired and empowered me to go for it and start barrel racing. This past week I ran in 2 barrel racing events that had large entries. This is something I feel called to do for many reasons and I honestly don’t think I could have got over my fears of doing this if it wasn’t for the knowledge I have gained in this course in regards to develop a deeper and trusting partnership with my horse. The grounding and heart lock in techniques that we have been introduced to have allowed me to get out of my head, trust myself and my horse to go for it. The support and sharing of this group during our Zoom discussions has been amazing!
    It is my hope also that my daughters can be inspired by watching me take action to overcome my fears and that they will too.”

  • Leah Dyck

    “Leah has made a program that not only teaches you the incredible history of these amazing animals but she has also given you a look into how to connect with them and, in turn, truly find yourself! I am just over halfway through this course and the knowledge along with my own self growth through this course has helped me to recognize the beautiful energies in these animals and the integral part that they play, in not only our lives with them and how to understand them but, also in ourselves and the people around us. (Did you know that their heart energy is 100x stronger than that generated by the brain?1) Just one of many things I've learnt but that is a testament to these beautiful animals and their healing energy! Hands down this is an amazing course that brings not only a journey to learning more about them, but also a journey to learning more about yourself! Hang on for the ride of your life :)”

    Happy Thoughts by Pam

  • Leah Dyck

    “I had visited with Leah and had many healing sessions with her and her horses. As a healer and horse lover I knew it was something I wanted to learn for myself and my horse. I am so grateful for being shown how horses intentionally offer healing and then to see the awakening of realization in my own horse. I've long viewed animals and particularly horses, as sentient beings, but this course has opened up a whole new world to me. My horse and I have a connection I was longing for and so much more. This course has taken us to a whole new realm of thinking and being. I am excited to continue on this magical journey of discovery. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!”

    Heart & Hands Healing

  • Leah Dyck

    “Leah, The gratitude I have for You and this course is beyond words. To better understand these horses’ behaviours on a different level has created a more beautiful connection with the horses I’m able to partner with. I’ve personally gained a calm confidence from the tools and techniques that have been taught. You have a beautiful way of listening, connecting and guiding that has inspired me to continue learning and growing with these amazing beings. Thank you <3”

  • Leah Dyck

    “Not only did I learn the beautifully, incredibly powerful energy that these animals represent but I also learnt how to show them how much I truly appreciate and recognize them for this gift! I also learnt how to truly feel and take the time to understand these animals and, I am more at peace with myself and, can take all that I have learnt and pay it forward with the people in my life💜. Thank you so much Leah for helping me to find my way.”

    Happy Thoughts by Pam

  • Leah Dyck

    “When I started this program I was looking to learn how to enhance my connection with our gelding. I wasn't expecting to go back to step 1 and really look at what kind of life he was actually having as a horse. Very humbling yet absolutely necessary. I can't go forward no matter what I do and not try to give him his best life. That only enhances his life, our families lives and the people he helps. So much gratitude.”

    Centaur Wellness

  • Leah Dyck

    “I'm finding this course to be incredibly fascinating and feel the pull to go deeper into this study. The overall way in which it has taught me so far, to read, understand and communicate.. be with horses is far beyond anything I could have expected. I'm so grateful to you Leah, for this gift you are sharing with the world. I want so much more for my horse now - and all horses! Working with clients and having this new perspective provides a deeper experience for them. Can't wait to see what's next!”

    CEO, Facilitator; Whispering Mare

  • Leah Dyck

    “As a new EAL Facilitator, I was so fortunate to enroll in the Equus Empowered nine-week course. This course has a perfect mix of online learning, building block style lessons and engaging weekly discussions with our small supportive group, seamlessly coordinated and facilitated by Leah.
    Throughout the nine weeks Leah has shared a wealth of knowledge and has provided the tools and learnings to completely change my relationship with my horses - strengthening our connection, trust and communication. By taking this valuable course, I learnt a lot about myself, and I have a greater appreciation for my horses and their generosity to help humans move forward.
    Thank you Leah for creating, developing, and delivering Equus Empowered. I am so grateful I was able to learn from you and be a part of the Beta 2 group of passionate and inspiring women.”

    CEO, Facilitator; RConnections Life Skills Development

  • Leah Dyck

    “I cannot recommend this course highly enough for anyone wishing to gain greater understanding of horse culture and their own horses needs, all which ultimately deepen their relationship and connection with their horse. This course is a must-have for everyone involved with horses.”

    CEO, Facilitator; Centaur Wellness

  • Leah Dyck

    “The past 9 weeks has been the best investment in myself and my horses! This course has not only held me together, but also pushed me to really focus on what really matters, to be present and to see how my horses are telling me that its time for a change in my daily habits! I am excited to leave this course and be able to further dive into the culture of the horse, to know what they are actually saying and to help my horses, family, friends and clients! I want to shout it on the rooftops that every horse owner should take this course!”

    CEO, Facilitator; Back In Touch Learning