Equine Connection Conference 2022


Animal Healing: Chakras and Energy

with Pamela Junck

August 5, 2022



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Our Horses' Responses


Resources for Increased Awareness

with Leah Dyck


August 9, 2022



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Exercise- Grounding Exercise- Muscle Testing Chakras- Human Chakras- Horse Meridians- Human Meridians- Horse Meridians- Emotions Homework- Mutual Balancing Homework- Horse Culture Environment Homework- Interpreting Responses "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay- Chart Exercise- Cleansing Breaths Exercise- Grounding Breaths Homework- Share Space Homework- SRG 1 Homework- SRG 2 Tony Robbins Priming Homework- Self Session Maori Drawing Exercise Maori Drawing Exercise- Circle
Equine Chakras